Enrolment Process

The process for enrolment is staged to provide opportunities for discussion about the needs and expectations of individual learners and their families.

  1. Attend a tour or open day to discover more about the school and what it has to offer.
  2. Register your interest – email admin@mis.qld.edu.au with your contact details and child’s name, year level and current school
  3. Attend an interview – we interview both the parent/s and learner to establish whether there is a good fit to join our unique learning environment.
  4. Pre-enrolment reference information – we will contact the learner’s current school for a reference.
  5. Enrol – if it’s all systems go you submit the enrolment forms and documentation.

We recommend you review the MIS Enrolment Policy here.  

The 2021 Fee Structure and Payment Policy provides information on Queensland independent school funding, yearly expenditure, fee breakdown and family payment options.

Key Policies and Reports

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2021 Key Dates

All the key dates for the year are available here.


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