Our Forever Home

We’re thrilled to share with you some exciting news!

After a long search, we’ve finally found our permanent home. We can’t wait to share it with everyone in 2021. For now, we have some concept pictures our architects have created in the last day. These will give you some idea of what is possible in our new home.

When we return in 2021, we will make sure the whole school community has the opportunity to contribute to the design of the new fit out. We are confident that together we will co-create an innovative and inspirational learning environment.


Our current site was always intended as a short-term solution. We’re all very aware of the constraints of the site and with enrolments growing so fast we would have been at capacity next year. It was definitely time to move and have more room for our learners to thrive.


The property is a new commercial building and offers so many possibilities for our school community. One thing we will be very grateful for is the ducted air conditioning – no more melting on those hot, humid days. There will be plenty of natural light, too. There’s a huge undercover outdoor area with seating, a commercial kitchen for our tuckshop and a café-style eating area. We will also be able to run food technology sessions there.

We will eventually have an undercover area for activities such as handball, scootering and maybe even table tennis or air hockey. There is plenty of indoor space to shoot hoops and maybe even have a half basketball court. We can even envisage installing a rock-climbing wall sometime down the track!

There are plenty of spaces for specialist learning activities, including music, sound engineering, video production, digital technologies, food technology, creative arts and so much more.

With our continuing commitment to personalised learning, and ensuring small learning groups of no more that 13-15 people, there will be enough separate yet flexible spaces to use. There will also be plenty of communal spaces and opportunities to connect, have fun and learn.


We will vacate our current site by the end of the year and move into the new property over the Christmas break. There’s a bit of work to prepare for the start of term one, but we have a great team involved and we are confident we can get it all done for day one of the school year – Wednesday 27 January.

In our first year we won’t have the building completely fitted out. With around 35 learners, we can utilise the existing spaces for the year and take the time to properly co-create the design for our school’s transformation at the end of 2021/early 2022.


We explored every avenue we could within Maleny and nothing came to fruition. So, with over half of our learners living off the mountain, and an increasing number of enrolments/enquiries from people outside of Maleny and surrounds, we opened our minds to other possibilities.

An amazing property became available in Beerwah – on the corner of Simpson St and Pine Camp Road. As a school, there are many regulations about where you can be located and the type of buildings you can have. Miraculously, this new site ticked every box and made it possible to relocate for the start of 2021. All other options were for a year or more down the track.

Our new home is a 20-minute drive from our current site. Beerwah is in a growth corridor and is an emerging public transport hub, as well as a quickly evolving community. There are so many facilities and services that will be on our doorstep – a huge local library, pool, sportsground, skate park, train station and numerous bus stops. With so many small and medium-sized businesses there will be diverse opportunities for part-time work and work experience for our learners. We will be able to jump on the train for excursions and to engage in learning activities in the broader community. Our Year 10 learners will be able to catch the train to TAFE courses, if required. There are so many possibilities given the school’s new location.

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What does this mean for our current families

We acknowledge that for some families the new location may present some challenges. For others it will be a simpler solution than driving up the mountain. We are available to assist with exploring public transport options for where you live. 

Mapleton/Maleny to Beerwah: There is a morning bus that picks up from Mapleton/Maleny and goes to Landsborough with a second bus (or the train) through to right near our school in Beerwah, and back after school. Being close to the train station may also offer new options for some families.


We are confident that our new home will be transformational for our school community. We are so excited about what the site offers and look forward to showing everyone around next year!

In the meantime, Debby and Jochem from Sketchi Architects have gone above and beyond to produce these concept drawings and a 3D fly through of a section of the building to show what is possible. They did this in less than a day! We are deeply grateful to all the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen for our school and our young people!

2021 Key Dates

All the key dates for the year are available here.


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