Welcome to My Independent School

My Independent School is an inclusive learning community nurturing young people to flourish and be their authentic selves.


A Shared Vision

A holistic and progressive approach to learning that engages and inspires young minds.
A supportive environment where young people can develop a strong sense of self. 
Individualised learning plans that support each learner on their unique journey of discovery.
A learning environment that encourages curiosity, provides time for reflection and a safe space to explore. 
A school where kindness, understanding and positive relationships are fundamental to who we are.
A school where learners are supported to take ownership of their future.

About us

My Independent School offers a progressive and holistic approach to education that honours the individual needs of learners. Our school values each young learner as they venture on a journey of discovery as an authentic and engaged global citizen, in a safe and supportive environment. 

My Independent School is centrally located near many local businesses, sportsgrounds, library and aquatic centre. We are also within short walking distance from the train station and bus stops. 


The process for enrolment is staged to provide opportunities for discussion about the needs and expectations of individual learners and their families. 

To discover whether there is a suitability for all parties to join our unique learning environment please contact us to arrange a visit. 


My Independent School delivers the Australian and Queensland Curriculum requirements and offers enhanced learning opportunities using an inquiry based approach supported by specalists and mentors that engage and inspire our students and extend their learning pathways into the real world.

“We believe that learning opportunities present through being curious. From curiosity emerges questions, experimenting and reflection. To make sense of what we are coming to know requires context within real-world experiences.”


(07) 5494 2352  |  28 Simpson St. Beerwah